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-All prices in US dollars.
-At this present time, I only accept Paypal. Sorry.. :(
-I collect mainly TOMY figures (1st and 2nd gen), and the same thing goes for Kids figures (I love kids figures). I'm also beginning to collect Zukan, so if you'd like to organize a trade let me know what you have. Just don't be offended if I don't accept!
-IMPORTANT! Please read! My college schedule/general life schedule outside of the community is busy. Without getting overly personal about details, I'm nearing the end of my semester and the workload is extensive. In addition to that, I care for an elderly relative several days throughout the week (and am also currently looking for a new job). In short: I may be a little slower than other members to ship off items. When I say this, I DON'T mean that you should expect to sit around for 2 full weeks or more waiting to receive what you paid for. All I ask for is a little understanding and patience when it comes to my current situation. If you'd like an item shipped right away, *specify!* It can be done. One item at a time is a lot easier then several items at a time. For any items that aren't shipped off within the first week, they are either shipped off by the coming weekend or early on in the next week.



I have set aside some figures for the following people (please let me know if you are still interested):
Kirlia -without_reason 
Taillow (HOLD)
Pikachu -yaoi_queen 

Until I know whether or not the above people are still interested in said items, available figures (for right now) are Grovyle, Salamence, Combusken, Treecko, Torchic, Mudkip, Marshtomp, and Meditite. ($5.00 each) Better pictures of figures available upon request.


Stationary case, reluctant to sell! -- $5.00
Has zipper on sides, opens up and contains small stationary pad new in plastic. If no one offers to take it, I'll be glad to keep this for myself. Pictures below

Pen/pencil case, new -- $5.00
Comes with box (bought previously opened). Lid slides down, has a small Pikachu puzzle attatched to lower half.

Pichu Bros. Stationary pads/Journals -- **Attention meowthcollector !**
I've set aside these two items for you, since these were the two you expressed most interested in (other available flats can be found further down). As it turns out, these aren't folders or clear files at all -- they open up like books and are full of blank pages (cute prints of Pokemon decorate the borders of the pages, can be seen in pics below).  If you decide you no longer want these, that's fine. If you do decide to keep them, let me know how much you'd like to offer.


Pencil Board in plastic sleeve, featuring various Pokemon. On HOLD for yaoi_queen 

Pachirisu/Pochama Pencil Board-- $3.50 (Front above, back below)

(Plastic sleeve bent down at top right corner)

Pencil Board featuring various Pokemon and trainers from anime -- $3.50

Sticky labels -- $2.50
Cute! Each label has a semi transparent tab that can be lifted up so you can write your name or info underneath. Comes with 20

Cute game cards that came with the Revol Battler set: $0.10 each or free with each purchase of $5.00 and up


TOMY Figures -- $1.50 each (some have paintscuffs)

Horsea, Bulbasaur, Seadra, Weezing, Lickitung, Starmie, Gyarados (x 2), Vileplume, Gengar, Marowak, Krabby (x 2), Nidoking, Sandslash, Mewtwo, Zapdos, Tentacruel

Snorlax and Charizard candy dispensers **make an offer on these items. I keep hearing that they're hard to come by, but am not sure what to charge. Sold the Raichu from the set for $20.00 (but I don't particularly expect either of these to bring in a similar amount)


Defective Figures

Weezing has large black smudges around mouth, Omastar's spikes have been cut (or sanded?) down flat, Cubone is missing its bone, Dodrio is missing tail, Pinsir is missing an arm ALL ARE FREE

Bootleg TOMY's (some legit) and Freebies

Blastoise on left and Raichu, probable bootlegs. Pikachu and Metapod(s) are legit, I just have TOO MANY of them (please, take them). All other figures are bootlegs (except for maybe Blastoise on right who appears to be a pencil topper. He's missing his butt peice and looks hollow from the bottom. ALL ARE FREE

Stuff for sale :D :D :D :D

So, I really didn't want to post this stuff on pkmncollectors  since it isn't Pokemon related.. but its all extremely cute, nice stuff from several different anime shows that I REALLY need to get rid of. Please, take this stuff off my hands!!

*At the moment, I am only accepting Paypal.
*Payment can be sent via Paypal to emilaya@sbcglobal.net
*e-Checks are accepted. Of course, items will not be shipped until AFTER the e-check has cleared.
*I can ship internationally, so long as you can cover the amount of shipping.
*I can hold items -- just please keep me updated! (Don't tell me you want something,
and then decide not to talk to me about it anymore.)
*Generally,  I am lenient about when I recieve payment, but I really need the $ this time. Payment is expected within 5 days.
*I'm not really accepting trades at the moment, but never be afraid to ask! I collect the following Pokemon:
Raichu, Growlithe, Arcanine, Manectric, Luxio, any of the Nido family :3 and of course... TOMY figures!!!!111

Sellin' a bunch of cute crapCollapse )



I've been looking all over the place for old school Pokemon figures, I KNEW I should have got them all when I had the chance.. wow, okay. I'm starting to sound like a nerd, big time (I just can't help myself)!

I developed a pretty impressive collection of TOMY Monster Collection figures about 6-7 years ago.. but it turns out, I've lost some, and apparently I don't have anywhere near as much as I originally thought. I found my figure set about 4 months ago, and picked up from there -- I've gotten into the habit of collecting again. For a while there, I was having an especially difficult time finding a Nidoran (F) figure, and a Weedle figure.. but ironically, they popped up after a short period of constant searching on eBay. The most recent difficulties as of late have been finding either an official Ponyta or Magneton figure.. Maybe I'm being ridiculously picky, but the bootleg figures are so... BAD. D:



And THEN, just when I thought I might be on to something..  cgi.ebay.com/POKEMON-DIAMOND-PEARL-PONYTA-FIGURE-WITH-MARBLE-QC02_W0QQitemZ120304117271QQcmdZViewItem

Just another bootleg.. and it isn't even really Ponyta! It's just a Rapidash wannabe with a not so great paint job and no horn on it's head. It IS one of the better bootleg figures I've seen, though. Turns out, this collecting crap is kind of difficult. Haha. I'll stop being a nerd, now.


AAAAAAAAAHHHH  I haven't LJed in a while..

Currently, I am ill.



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